Göllner Today

The Göllner-Group is at home throughout Europe.

The from Christian Göllner in 1878 founded Haulage company, has advanced from a small business into a European connected logistics group with a number of Branches in Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Belarus and the Ukraine.

The Göllner Group today, is responsable for roughly 280 employees and 70 Trucks for worldwide movement. We are equipped with a fleet of varying vehicles to suit varying demands: Jumbos with folding roofing and folding sides, Side curtains with Hubdach, box body mit hydraulic ramp,trailer, general cargo trucks with hydraulic ramp and express vehicles.

Our warehousing capacity , in Nienburg alone, has an area of over 15000 useable square metres. In this area we have the abilty to store, prepare, label, palletise und manufacture goods to suit our clients individual wishes.

Another strong point that our company offers is, a secure partnership to other Logistic-companies and also, membership in the general cargo cooperation „ONLINE Systemlogistik“.

ONLINE Systemlogistik is a cooperative association of medium-sized and owner managed logistics. With our large variety of offers, you are able to choose from the following individually tailored selection of services:

ONLINE Speed Cargo: benefit from regular goods delivery times of 24/48 hours to almost anywhere in Germany.

ONLINE Premium Cargo: Fixed delivery times throughout Germany.

ONLINE Express Cargo: Guaranteed delivery deadlines for urgent deliveries.

ONLINE Procurement Cargo: Reliable procurement logistics to match agreed delivery times.

ONLINE International: Our ONLINE Systemlogistik partners are reliable service providers ready to take up the challenge of delivering your goods quickly and accurately to their European destination. Unified standards and intelligent, networked IT systems are an important corner stone of ONLINE service quality, which facilitate international cross-border goods-flow coordination. You benefit from exceptionally fast and secure daily deliveries in all the European states we serve.

Individual packages, removals and complete loads are transported by truck, aircraft or ship to all destinations,
all over the world!

National und international removals in the private sector – with the inclusion of idividual objects are carried out with an extremly high level of competance.

Despite continuously expanding the product range and the permanent development of the logistics network, the development of new concepts remain categorically fundamental to the employees and play a major role in what we aim to achieve.

Here you can find the managements declaration of responsibility.

Responsable and enviromentaly conscious!

As a haulage firm in transport and the logistics trade, we take subjects like  enviromental care and the safeguard of nature very seriously. From the very beginning, the Göllner group made  a name for itself, by conforming to international standards and having the relevant individual levels of expertise certified.

We are  ISO 14001:2015 certified

We see industrial environmental protection as a indispensable factor for a future oriented and forward thinking company like ours. This standard ISO approach shows, that we are proactively aware of these enviromental issues and because of this, have the relevant  enviromental management system in place.

You are able to find an overview of our certifications here.

Our partners

ONLINE Systemlogistik
ONLINE SystemlogistikEurope-wide logistics
A cooperative association of medium-sized and owner-managed logistics companies in Europe. Dedicated to combining customer-orientated services with controlled online quality, we offer the best  Logistic produkt for the most challenging transportation.

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ELVISCooperation between medium-sized carriers and freight forwarders

ELVIS is the cooperation of medium-sized carriers and freight forwarders. A wide range of operational benefits are possible for each member, but require active cooperation in the ELVIS community.

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24plus logistics network organisies your general cargo
The 24plus logistics network is a  high performance, general cargo cooperation with 65 system partners in Germany and Europe. The 24plus-Partners are highly qualified logistic companies with a high level of competence in the general cargo branch.

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The German removal (AMÖ) e.V.
Before the term German removal federation became familiar, the association was named „The working committee for furniture transport“, short AMÖ. Teamed together with 18 other regional associations and over 1000 members the German federation for removals (AMÖ) e.V. is the elite group amongst all know removal associations in Germany.

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WCA World
WCA WorldWe are Leading the World in Logistics Partnering
WCA is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, with over 6000 member offices in 187 countries around the world. Our members’ global market share is increasing significantly every single year. Dedicated entirely to providing world-beating benefits and networking opportunities to its members, WCA employs a full time staff of over 125 personnel based in eight member service and support offices around the world?

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IATAInternational Air Transport Association
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 260 airlines or 83% of total air traffic. We support many areas of aviation activity and help formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues.

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KOMBIVERKEHRNo. 1 for intermodal transport in Europe
It is Kombiverkehr’s aim continuously to improve the economic viability and attractiveness of its range of services in order to expand national and international transport further and secure the position of combined transport in the long term.

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