Our performance spectrum:

National and international Teilladungs- und Ladungsverkehre
Transport of machinery
General cargo transport
Area transport
Import and Export
Preperation of goods
Customs and excise
Sea freight
Air freight
Removals national und international
Storage of removal goods
Transportion of furniture/Loading of individual peices of furniture
Technical gas

For centuries now, the Göllner transport company has been a sales partner of the Linde AG, who are the German market leaders in the sale and distribution of technical gases.
The Göllner transport company is fully equipped with it’s own gas storage facility at the site in Nienburg. Here you have the opportunity from Monday to Friday between the hours of 07:00-17:00 and on  Saturdays from 8:00-12.00 to swap, drop off or pick up gas bottles.You also have the option of using our gas transport service where, our vehicles will either deliver or collect your gas at your convenience.

Our product range in Nienburg:

Technical Gases
Protective gases (Argon, Corgon, Cronigon, Varigon, Forming gas & carbon dioxide)
• Oxygen, Acetylen
 Special Gases (med. Oxygen, Biogon)
 Balloon gas

Liquid Gas
 Camping gas (Propane)
 Propellant gas

 Sales consultation
• Information about instructions and guidlines for hazardous goods
• Delivery with specially equiped vehicles.

Are you interested? Our specialists are availible and at your disposal.


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