• The satisfied customer is the main focal point for our company and our employees.
  • It is of the utmost priority that, we carry out the customers individual wishes, to the best of our abilities. This is in conformity with our Quality- and pricing policy. The management and all employees are primarily focused on customer retention and loyalty.
  • Incorrect service should not have a negative affect on customer relations. Mistakes are an indication, of how to prevent future errors. Mistakes give a company like the Göllner Spedition, the chance to learn and better ourselves.
  • Every individual employee acts on their own behalf and is responsable for the quality of their own work.
  • This company Philosophy remains the guiding principle and will serve as orientation for all staff.
  • The management requires and promotes the internal communication of all employees between departments and locations.
  • The permanent use of apprenticeships and in service training, help the managements frame of possibilities in family run business.
  • Quality assurance in business is a management task supported by targeted internal communication and is an essential obligation that has to be implemented by all employees at all levels.
  • In order to achieve the quality objectives, a structured quality assurance system is required, to assure effective governance, valuation and improvements in service at all stages of implementation.
  • The quality assurance system is dynamic and will quickly adapt and support the changing needs of a business.
  • The management bears responsibility for guaranteeing the assurance of internal and external settlement agreements.
  • The Göllner transport company plans to evolve dynamically within the next few years, into a company that provides all the benefits of classic and yet new modifications in all activities and sectors of logistics that it’s involved in.
  • The resulting changes should thereby create, a Multi modal logistics service provider from what once was, a transport and furniture removal company.
  • The company stays true to it’s current customers and their own customer structures but, is equally open to building relations to new customers, with their own target groups and demands.
  • The Göllner transport company will continue to invest in the above mentioned premises . The most valuable „capital“ will always remain to be the long serving employees.
  • The Göllner transport company remains and plans to stay a dynamic and future oriented family business that, sets itself new challenges and high standards for the future.