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A traditional activity field for the Göllner family is the transport of furniture. Over many generations, were technology and performance guided by customer wishes and enhanced with a great deal of personal commitment. It makes no difference if you choose to move district, city, country or continent. Intensive consultation and preparation in advance, comprehensive knowledge throughout the removal and our fantastic relocation services make your change of address with our expert removal company as pleasant as possible.

Removal inquiry

Start planning your move immediately and let us make you an offer!


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Private Removals

You would like to emigrate your entire household to a different country, your children would like to stand on their own two feet and move into their own accommodation without giving too much money out or you have become older and no longer want to live alone,… we deliver the correct service to suit your needs.

Please let us know which removal requirements you have, and will arrange a suitable solution for you.

You give us the key to your old and new home and we will take care of the rest. You will not be required to lift a finger. Your possessions will be packed from the cupboards, into removals boxes with the relevant protective packaging and loaded onto the trucks. These boxes will then be followed by the cupboards and all other additional goods. Even the lamps and curtains will be dismantled for you by our highly qualified personnel and reinstalled in the new accommodation. Furthermore the assembly of all other furniture, will be carried out by our own carpenter. As soon as the old accommodation is empty, we will begin with the transport to your new home. Our on site team leader has a sympathetic ear at all times for any individual changes at short notice and is open to all suggestions.

You receive the relevant consultation from us and we will arrange a removals truck complete with covers, trolleys, lashing straps and a trained employee for you. At our establishment, you have the option of purchasing removal boxes that you will be able to fully pack yourself. With a bit of luck, you have energetic friends and family who are willing to help. Such actions may help you in your free time, to save money and meet your financial expectations.

Sit back and without any pressure, leave everything in our hands. Trustworthy employees will carry out your removal while taking the greatest of care.

You normally shy away from unpleasant but sociable local authorities? You have problems involving the general correspondence, based on your removal? Here is our special service for you:

We will take over the signing in and out of the registration office for housing; We supply information and brochures about your new place of residence. We will take care of your change of address, a new forwarding address with the postal services, car re-registration, a new bank account, telephone re-registration, radio and television and a whole lot more. Furthermore, we will deal with the reading of the meter for gas, water and electricity and we will help with the disposal of old furniture, general cleaning and renovation tasks. You will be able to find further information regarding our services below.

Our strong partners

German federation for removals and logistics (AMÖ) e.V.

For 130 years now the German federation for removals and logistics (AMÖ) has been the representing body, looking after the interests of German removals companies.
Accounted for in the 900 member companies in 18 countries are removal companies, commercial furniture transport, art transport as well as computer systems/software and medical technology.

Senior citizens removal

Don’t worry, we will pack for you!

The removal at an advanced age is extremely challenging for the mover, the relatives and the removal companies. The wishes are more demanding and the offers are for these reasons, highly extensive and coordinated in a more sensitive manner. Organising the giving up of a number of things you have grown fond of, that are familiar to you and that on the verge of a removal seem like an insurmountable task.
We are by your side and willing to assist your every need. It begins with the first removals consultation where we support all your particular requirements. The teams will be introduced and the members of staff will be delegated their different application/working areas. If it is required that the whole house or flat should be fully prepared for handover, we will take over the whole household, and even carry out all cleaning requirements at your request.
In the processing of documentation, visits to the authorities, re-registration  etc. We are more than willing to offer our help.

Our all round-carefree-removal service:

  • Comprehensive consultation
  • A detailed removals offer free of charge
  • Delivery of packaging with useful tips about packing – alternatively we professionally pack and unpack everything for you.
  • Dependable, friendly and cautious employees with years of experience.
  • Cargo services for pieces of furniture that will eventually be passed on to the children and grandchildren etc.
  • A continuous consultant for all questions and requests throughout the move.
  • Park- or stoppage permission for the short route to your home.
  • The transport of your car with the removals truck.

Furniture and kitchen assembly, electric and water installations e.g. Light fittings, ovens, washing machines and dishwashers. When anything is left behind our warehouse department will take over the goods and dispose of them professionally.

Our special service for you:

  • Signing in and out of the registration office for housing
  • Information and brochures about your new place of residence
  • Change of address
  • Forwarding request for your post
  • Car re-registration
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Telephone re-registration
  • Radio and television and a whole lot more

Furthermore, we will deal with the reading of the meters for gas, water and electricity and we will help with the disposal of old furniture, general cleaning and renovation tasks.

Relocation- Service for busy “constant movers“

This advanced service means, that we are helpful when it comes to acquiring and organising a new flat or even with the search for a new tenant.
We can help to enhance your knowledge about school and nursery infrastructures and can take care of automobile and telephone registration.

Complete building removals

Whether your company chooses to change their place of business or one department inside the company has to move: The Göllner transport company will offer you an individual solution.

An on-site visit, gives one of our qualified employees, the opportunity to gain a complete overview of all challenges and demands in order to ensure a trouble free and smooth removal. For your business this means: The limitations of your businesses operational procedures will be minimised, complicated dependencies will be resolved, so that no disturbances or stoppages occur. The scheduling of your removal will be planned in advance and will be carried out using a manual or guide.
Returnable containers and lockable containers will be supplied for your office materials. Security/safety containers will also be supplied for all your high security archived materials. Through careful labelling you can be sure that, everything arrives in the place that it’s meant to be.

Furniture storage

Your removal goods will be stowed securely and safely in our storage containers – directly to your home! Our storage containers will be delivered by car or truck directly to your door. On arrival they will be professionally packed and sealed on-site by our team. At this point your goods will then be transported to one of our warehouses.
Sealed and secured, the storage container will then remain in our temperature controlled warehouse until you return – it makes no difference if you wait three months with regards to a new house or spend three years abroad. When your child misses their favourite teddy we will obviously send it to you right away.
We can also help with capacity problems with such things as file archiving and, will offer you an individual solution at short notice through the use of storage containers. Obviously you have the ability to bring your goods personally to us and, to pack the storage yourselves. This option is used more and more and seems more appealing to private individuals. With this option, you save on the transport- and labor-costs. We on the other hand are under guarantee faster and more efficient.


Your complete household, your personal memorabilia and valuable antiques, your office equipment and your delicate computer systems: Our special air sprung vehicles and the relevant protective packaging (boxes, packaging paper, polymer film etc.) guarantee safe transport from door to door, from house to house. Benefit now from our years of experience.


The training of our competent staff at regular intervals in the field of furniture transport, gives you the security of knowing, that your removal is in good hands. Detailed consultation with the efficient use of the technical aids guarantees precision workmanship. Even the most unusual requests will be carried out, with no questions asked by our staff members.
Please feel free to contact us.

Choose your own – Scope of service

Depending on the requirements we can offer you a large variety of removal alternatives. How about a short holiday? In the meantime our team will take care of everything, to ensure that when you arrive at your new place of residence, that you return to the homely environment you left behind. Do you only have to transport a few peices of furniture? We will take care of the transport reliably as additional cargo and collective transport means, we are also protecting the environment. Maybe you have a few good friends who are willing to help you with your move? We will supply a vehicle and an experienced member of staff under whose guidance, you will become a specialist in your own way.