SIA Göllner Spedition

Göllner Spedition branch has been operating in Riga, Latvia since 30 May 1996.

We offer:

Package delivery from German online stores

Package delivery to individuals
Do you want to buy goods in a German online store, but the online store of your choice does not offer delivery to Latvia, or the delivery costs are very expensive?
We can help – by delivering your purchase to Riga!
What do you need to do?
You have to pay for the purchased goods, and the delivery address must be our office in Nienburg, Germany:

Göllner Spedition GmbH & Co. KG
Kräher Weg 11
D-31582 Nienburg

for: GoRi, Your First Name and Last Name

We will accept the package and deliver it to Riga.
You will be able to receive the package at our office in Riga at Braslas iela 20 on working days from 9.00-16.00.
Delivery transport price:
EUR 6 (up to 5 kg for each package)
EUR 10 (up to 10 kg for each package)
EUR 20 (up to 20 kg for each package)
EUR 30 (up to 30 kg for each package)

You will have to pay for the transport costs in cash upon receiving the package at our office and provide proof of payment for the purchased goods.

Package size: up to 0.2 m3, 30 kg, maximum length of one side up to 2.4 m.
Large shipments are also possible, but must be requested separately.
Once you have completed the order, please let us know by e-mail at, also indicating your telephone number so we can contact and inform you when the package will arrive in Riga.

If the package dimensions do not exceed (38 cm width, 39 cm height, 64 cm length, 30 kg weight) for a fee of EUR 8.50 it is possible to send the package to any Omniva parcel terminal in Latvia, indicating the necessary parcel terminal by e-mail to us. In order to be able to pick up the parcel at the parcel terminal, you will have to pay for the transport to Riga and for the delivery of the parcel with the parcel terminal at the parcel terminal with a bank card.

Transportation is in accordance with the provisions of the CMR Convention, includes CMR insurance, does not include full transport insurance. The liability of the carrier is limited by the liability specified in the CMR Convention, i.e. up to 8.33 SDR per gross kg of lost or damaged cargo, but not exceeding the value of the goods.
We offer full transport insurance for an additional fee.
If the freight contains dangerous goods (ADR), it must be declared to us and agreed upon in advance, otherwise it will not be transported.
We do not transport valuables or weapons.
The Customer assumes responsibility for the content of the goods, and shall not send goods declared illegal by the applicable international regulations.
Gollner Spedition SIA privacy policy:

Regular transport of groupage cargo: several times a week, both deliveries to Latvia and export from Latvia.

High-quality, fast, and safe freight transport to Germany, from Germany and other Western European countries.
Entrust the transport of your freight to us, a subsidiary of the German family company Göllner Spedition GmbH, which has been successfully operating in Latvia for twenty-three years. Göllner Spedition delivers groupage 3x a week simultaneously in all Baltic countries
Lorries with lifts/delivery of goods with a lift.
Göllner Spedition distribution vehicles are equipped with a tailboard lift and goods-handling
trolleys for easy loading and unloading and easier loading and unloading in areas with restricted access.

Connection to the logistics network 24plus system allows us to regularly and quickly send and receive groupage to/from the following European countries:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Luxembourg, Turkey

Regular and fast international groupage road transport.
Due to a modern and economical fleet and cooperation with the transport association 24plus, land freight transportation at favourable prices is provided from/to all Western European countries. Göllner Spedition delivers groupage in Riga 3x a week: on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Export groupage transportation to Western European countries is organized 2x a week, on Fridays and Mondays, with the possibility to load freight on Saturdays as well.

SIA Göllner Spedition works as the official partner of the 24plus system for all of the Baltic States; thus, we can provide groupage transportation between Western European countries and Lithuania & Estonia as well.

Due to being the exclusive Baltic partner in the logistics of the 24plus system, international freight transportation is provided from Western European countries not only to Latvia, but also to Lithuania and Estonia, and vice versa. Groupage in all major Baltic cities – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Riga, and Tallinn – is delivered simultaneously, not through the Riga terminal but by performing appropriate sorting in advance.

We use ferry traffic from Latvian or Lithuanian ports to the Northern German ports, and vice versa. This ensures precise delivery times and safety

High safety and accuracy in freight transportation.
The use of ferries reduces the potential risks to the safety of freight and increases punctuality. Freight delivery with a fixed unloading time
Road freight transport is implemented in the shortest possible time according to the most optimal logistics plan, which is drawn up for each customer individually. Fixed delivery dates possible!
Quick door-to-door freight delivery is today’s necessity.
In order to provide the highest-quality service, our vehicles transporting groupage arrive in Riga from elsewhere in Europe 3x a week. For example, transport from Germany and transport to Germany takes 2-4 working days. Road freight transport from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Italy can be done in 2-7 working days, providing a full door-to-door delivery service; loading of goods is organized every working day.
Göllner goes Green / An environmentally friendly transport company
As a company operating in the field of transport and logistics, we care about the environment and nature. We have confirmed the quality of the Göllner Group with certificates in accordance with the relevant international standards. Among other things, we are certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2004. Intermodal transport by ferry limits the release of fuel into the environment.

General freight transport. High-capacity transportation – 38 EUP, up to 110 m3

 Full freight transport
Thanks to the high-capacity lorries in the Göllner Spedition fleet, we can load a freight of 38 Euro pallets instead of the usual 33 or 34 Euro pallets. We can also load up to 110 CBM of freight in one vehicle. The internal height of the lorry is up to 2.98 m, which allows us to transport various equipment and non-standard cargo.

Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)


The transport of dangerous goods is our daily routine. The equipment and documentation of Göllner Spedition vehicles comply with the safety standards set out in the ADR Europe Agreement. Professional employees of Göllner Spedition provide free advice to every customer related to ADR cargo transportation.

Transportation of personal belongings. Relocation service

The traditional field of activity of Göllner Spedition is the organization of international relocations of individuals and companies, finding the best individual solution in each situation. Transport of personal effects is a complex service; therefore, we adjust our offer to the customer’s needs. We offer full service – packing, unpacking, furniture assembly, carrying, loading and, of course, transportation – or, if the customer wants to do the packing themselves, we deliver the necessary packaging materials.
For the transport of personal effects, Göllner Spedition has purchased special furniture and luggage transport vehicles with appropriate equipment and a suitably trained team both in the office and in cars – drivers and packers – as well as packaging materials, cardboard boxes, and a warehouse, if personal effects are to be stored until their transportation to the destination.

We will be happy to be useful for you!

Freight insurance

Shipments are made in accordance with the provisions of the CMR Convention.

Göllner Spedition coordinates every shipment of goods with the utmost care and attention. However, no matter how perfect the logistics are and how seriously the freight is guarded, there is always a risk of unforeseen circumstances. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Göllner Spedition employees, as well as our many years of reliable cooperation, we can offer our customers advantageous full freight insurance in cooperation with the German insurance broker Oskar Schunk AG & Co KG. Freight insurance is available both for an individual freight and as an annual policy, if you perform regular transportation.

Customs clearance services

Customs services / customs clearance.
For the convenience of our customers, Göllner Spedition offers to arrange customs formalities. We cooperate with professional and experienced experts in the field of customs services, providing all possible assistance and qualified consultations on the customs clearance of freight. Göllner Spedition experts will help you solve all issues related to the import and export of goods both in the European Union and to and from third-world countries.


SIA Göllner Spedition

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