The latvian establishment from Göllner Spedition in Riga is since the 30. Mai 1996 active.

We offer the following choice of services:

Regular transport to and from Western Europe
Being connected to the logistic network24plus means that we have the option of widespread comprehensive allocation and the opportunity to pick up and deliver general cargo in the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Irleand, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Luxembourg.
We use the ferry connections from the Latvian and Lithuanian ports travelling to the north german harbours and vice versa. This ensures a secure and timely delivery.
Complete loads, wide area transport (max 110m3 at 24 t NL)
The transport of hazardous goods  (ADR)
International removals


SIA Göllner Spedition

Braslas iela 20
LV – 1084 Riga
Tel. +371 67 51 47 25
Fax +372 67 56 36 50