You can take our word for it

Transport National/Europe – From a transport company with the caliber of Göllner group, you can expect more than just the transportation from A to B. From an individual box to a fully loaded truck, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services.
We can also help, to quickly and efficiently select, the most suitable form of transportation for all your requirements.
As well as our own fleet of vehicles, you also have the option of using our other forms of transportation such as train, barges/boats, aircraft and container ships.

The Europe of the future is reality today for the Göllner-Group. For us, Europe extends from Greece to Norway, from Portugal to the Urals.


Göllner Spedition GmbH & Co. KG

Kräher Weg 11
D-31582 Nienburg
Tel. +49 5021 901 0
Fax +49 5021 901 99

Our services

Advice on transport issues
Scheduling exactly tailored to your transport requirements
Relocation of business and production
Procurement of all required certificates  and permits

Transport by truck

  • national/international
  • General cargo
  • Partial load- and freight transport
  • Regular service
  • The transport of hazardous goods with specially equipped trucks and qualified personnel
  • Constant tracking through the use of automobile telephone
  • Gentle transport through the use of Air-sprung vehicles
  • Removals and the transport of furniture, also individual items as additional cargo

Transporte by train

  • Guaranteed durations to guaranteed transfers
  • Loading directly with swap bodies or container

Combined transport

What Environmentally friendly consolidation of trains and trucks means to us:

  • Pre- and post transport with truck
  • Main run with the train
  • For example swap body or trailer transported by freight train

That is environmentally friendly and resource saving transport in this day and age.