The Göllner warehouse in Nienburg

Trained personnel and modern techniques and turnover cater for perfect handling and optimal storage of your goods for example:

  • The storage of foodstuffs in cans or glasses
  • The storage of parts for the automotive industry and spare parts
  • Professional and correct storage of chemicals
  • The storage of removal goods and household goods

With a warehousing capacity of roughly 15.000 square meters at our location in Nienburg alone, we can offer you warehouse- and open depot as well as well as warehousing for goods in free circulation or an open customs warehouse as well as all other types of modern warehousing with the inclusion of hazardous goods, open depot, removals storage or temperature-controlled warehousing that meets the highest levels of quality.

Consignment- and delivery warehouse

These types of storage are used for a variety of different products.As well as to technical gaseswe are also able to store medical oxygen, carbon dioxide or balloon gas for your childs next birthday.


We buffer your goods and deliver them on time, when you require them for your production. It goes without saying, that we will also take care of the inventory management, the checking, the preparation of delivery notes and of course will inform you, about your current inventory and the ingoing and the outsourcing of your stored goods. Material requirement/storage planning of your goods will be carried out automatically in accordance, with the required amount. Also online via computer software upon request.


Göllner Spedition GmbH & Co. KG

Kräher Weg 11
D-31582 Nienburg
Tel. +49 5021 901 0
Fax +49 5021 901 99

Our services

Trade fairs and exhibitions

When you require a mobile trade fair stand equipped for an outdoor area, we won’t just arrange the correct vehicle for you. We will also cater for the building and setting up of your stand, the pre-transport of your exhibits with route planning in and outside the country including all necessary permits and requirements. You may also use the tarpaulins on our vehicles as advertising space.

Disposal of cardboard and plastics

It goes without saying that, we return sales and transport packaging. The individual substances and materials will be disposed of correctly. Cardboard and plastics will be compressed by our pressing machine, into convenient and practical sized packaging, that will then be collected and recycled. You can also make contribution to environmental protection, by speaking to us about your disposal problem.

Distribution: Ready-to-sell selections

We are happy to compile tailor-made consignments of goods for you according to your requirements. At your request, we will comply with and carry out all the requirements and individual components regarding import or export, the packaging of sets in boxes with the correct dimensions and packaging materials, operating manuals/instructions and price labels. The only thing you have to do yourself is sell the goods!

Seaworthy Packaging

With a growing trend to use containers as a form of transportation, has good seaworthy packaging to help with the handling and careful packaging of your goods become very important. At Hamburg free port we will pack your export goods according to the applicable HPE standards at unbelievably affordable rates. We will be happy to make you an individual quote!

Labelling and Neutralising

These are just two of the important steps, that will be carried out with the greatest of care by our warehouse personnel. Furthermore palletising, stretching or shrinking with PE film, withdrawal of sample parts and specimens and marking and sorting in batch order are all parts of our day to day business. Everything will also be carried out by us, at our typical high standards of quality.

Commissioning/Order Picking

You are ready to make a change? We are ready to make a change with you!
If you are planning on introducing new or during the development of pre-existing products, we are willing to help without the unnecessary loss of time, to store your goods in their new outfits in our shelving units. With a clear conscience you also have the ability, to let us take over the overall coordination!

Removals storage

Your goods will be stored and delivered securely and thoroughly in our storage containers – directly to your door – on the bed of our trucks. Your goods will be sealed and stored in our temperature controlled warehouse until you return– whether you have to wait three months with regards to a new house or spend three years abroad. And when your child misses their favourite teddy, we will naturally send it to you straight away.  We will also, with the use of our storage containers cater to capacity problems with file archiving and can offer a short term solution for you.

Further information regarding our removals and furniture store can be found HERE.